It’s going to take every one of us speaking out and showing up in order to effect real change for the environment (and every other important issue of our time).

That’s why our new film, The Yes Men Are Revolting, will inspire you to join us in REVOLTING. Because it WORKS, and because it’s FUN.

See the film for yourself. It is available on digital platforms starting June 9th, and will open in theaters across the US starting June 12.


Choose to take action


Next… Take action! We’re always REVOLTING and we’re asking you to join us the week of June 8-12 to support the activists and change-makers working on issues, local and global, that matter.

We’re headed for a cliff, but it’s not too late to change course. Choose the story you want to tell future

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What if everyone spoke up against injustice? Or even just against offhand comments that disrespect women? #BeeThatGuy. Tweet this
In California? NASA scientists say that California has only about one year of water left in reserves. REVOLTING! Tweet this
It’s time to get science deniers out of science museums. Call out Climate science deniers and kick Koch off the board! Tweet this
Fossil fuel corporations have no business at this year’s global climate talks. Let’s kick them out! Tweet this
Modern technology has given those in power new abilities to eavesdrop and collect data on everyone. Defend yourself with safer online communications. Tweet this
Say #sHellNo to President Obama. Reject Arctic drilling! Tweet this
Tell Walmart we want worker rights with our low prices. Stand up, fight back! Tweet this
Millions of gallons of highly flammable crude oil shooting through cities and towns across North America? Tell Obama to #StopOilTrains now. Tweet this
Chinese Prime Minister Li promised not to destroy the Amazon. Let’s make him live us to his promise! Tweet this
Drilling in the Arctic Ocean? Oh Shell No! Let’s get the government to #savethearctic Tweet this
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