In our present society, we are told to fantasize and increase the illusions that are already consuming us in our life.

“Dream big!” “Go for it!” “Just do it!”

When reality finally kicks in, it kicks hard. And we will do anything to escape it. Often, we will become hedonistic, deluding ourselves that things will be better—that any day now my ship will come in. But, what if this is as good as it gets?

We will do anything to distract ourselves from the reality of this material world–including drugs, even though we know that it is harmful to our bodies.

What happens when inner city children discover that their dreams will never become a reality? Seeking shelter with others in the same predicament, they join a gang. Seeking solace to soften the pain, they turn to drugs. Anything to dull the pain and disappointment.

To escape from reality, we hide behind so many diversions, consume so many intoxicants, legal and illegal. We busy ourselves with mundane activities, delving deeper into perversions, trying to satisfy limitless desires, without even knowing who we really are. Empires have risen, only to be brought down by hedonistic people who are driven by their own selfish desires.

To clearly understand the science of identity – we have ask some questions to ourselves – why I am here? Who am I, what is my position, functions and essence or goal in my life.

What is this reality we are trying so desperately to escape, that we are having such a hard time accepting? Our bodies are aging, and we can’t do anything to prevent it. We watch our hair turn grey, watch our skin wrinkle, and feel parts of our bodies sag due to gravity. We are helpless—and deep down, we know this. And everywhere around us, we see others going through the same thing. People we have idolized as great, beautiful, or genius, begin dwindling and dying before our eyes. And we are concerned—we don’t want this to happen to us. We realize we have no control, and that terrifies us.

The facts are staring us right in the face: this world is a place of suffering. There is so much suffering going on around us, but we don’t want to think about. When a person leaves their body, we quickly cover it up, and avert our eyes. We have the body embalmed, so that at the funeral, it looks like the person is still there. With real knowledge, we know in our heart that the person has gone, but the illusion must be maintained, at least for a while.

Why don’t people want to face the reality of the suffering in this world? It is because we identify with the body, mistakenly thinking it to be us. Yes, it is true that our consciousness only extends to the limits of this body, but that doesn’t make it us. It is an inherent conflict because, though the body is temporary, we, as spiritual sparks of the Supreme Being, are eternal. Thus, we are conflicted. We want this body to last forever, failing to understand that we are so much more than this this lump of mucus, flesh and bone. We are eternal spiritual sparks—shining like the sun; yet, we think we are these lumps of matter. Unfortunately, because this is such a widely held belief, you will find that people are hesitant to make the change and accept the absolute reality that we are not these bodies, just encased in them temporarily.

Some people talk incessantly, because hearing their own voice makes them feel comfortable and secure. Some people smoke, because they like the way it makes them feel, or because it gives their hands something to do. We are always driven to do something, because the soul is active by nature. Thus, we take shelter of so many things. We must, because it is unnerving to think that the whole thing could end at any given moment. That there is no plan; there is just me; I must take care of myself, because no one else will.

We must search for the Absolute Truth—truth that doesn’t change on a whim. As soon as we discover that Truth, we will find the peace and fulfillment that we are seeking. I was fortunate to have met my spiritual teacher, Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda, almost fifty years ago. He taught me about the Absolute Truth, and how to attain an understanding of it for myself.

He taught me that there is a lifestyle that will help us realize our true selves, and go beyond this temporary material world of birth, old age, disease, free from fear and finally death. We need to sincerely want to find the answers and they will be presented to us in due course. I know this for a fact, and it has changed my life from one filled with fear, to one filled a true sense of freedom.

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